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Join the SplashPlay Team

SplashPlay is the most innovative business opportunity on the market today.  Unlike so many other propositions, SplashPlay is unique in there are....

  • No Inventories to Purchase

  • No Quotas Required

  • No Competitors

  • Opportunities for Every Business or Organization

  • Generous Commissions and Residuals



You'll earn the most generous compensation available. 

  • 40% of Every Direct Sale is in Your Pocket.

  • 25% Matching of Game Ad Revenue Share is in Your Pocket.

  • 25% Match of all Commissions paid to your team.

Residual Income

SplashPlay is all about the "Long-Run."  As long as your game sponsors use SplashPlay, you will earn commission.  No Questions Asked!

SplashPlay Agent Program Videos