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Reward Credit Registration

To ensure that you are awarded Reward Credits, you must complete the from below for all eligible training and software license sales.


Software License Sales: You must provide all relevant information about your sales by completing the REWARD CREDIT REGISTRATION  form below for each customer.  REWARD CREDIT REGISTRATION  forms must be submitted within 24 hours of your Customer's online order or your submission of your customer's Insertion Order and Sponsor Agreement.


Training: Thank you for your enthusiastic commitment to enhancing your knowledge and skills to better represent SplashPlay's services.

As you know, for each training session you attend SplashPlay will issue you five (5) Reward Credits which may be exchanged for any reward SplashPlay elects to provide.

In order to receive your Rewards Credits for attending eligible training please complete the REWARD CREDIT REGISTRATION form below within 24 hours of attending the training session.


If you fail to submit this form on time, the reward credit will be forfeited.

SplashPlay Agent Reward Program
Training Attendance
 5 Credits
Life-Time Software License
25 Credits
Annual Software License
15 Credits
Monthly Software License
10 Credits
On or before July 31, 2017 each earned Reward Credit may be redeemed for thirty (30) fully paid shares of SplashPlay Stock.


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