SplashPlay reaches consumers, with a platform of mobile based games, while socializing at their favorite bars, restaurants, convenience stores, cafeterias and anywhere else people linger. Accessed through geo-targeted QR codes and unique game domains, SplashPlay’s mobile game access points can be pre-printed to the venue’s drink ware, brochures, website, newsletters or even business cards.  Literally, Game Sponsors can engage players limited only by their imagination.   SplashPlay's Sponsor Games can be played on smart phones, tablets and desktops.



SplashPlay solves the issue of how to reach millions of geo-targeted consumers without relying on viral growth. We reach consumers where they linger.

From restaurants to museums, SplashPlay provides access to marketing channels never before available to today's businesses.



What is Dwell Time?

"Dwell, in its most basic sense, is the level of active engagement with an ad...High Dwell campaigns drive more traffic and engaged users."  Source: Microsoft Advertising

Nobody does Dwell Time like SplashPlay. Game Sponsors from restaurants and bars to museums, charities and schools  provide SplashPlay's Advertisers the basis for reaching consumers for upwards of an hour at a time.



Mobile games are meant to be tracked and SplashPlay is no exception. SplashPlay provides real time 24 x 7 tracking of ads digital activity. In your personal portal, track all of your promotions and make changes at any time. SplashPlay provides the ability to track Times Viewed, Times Clicked, Times Saved and Times Redeemed.



Did you know you can generate revenues from your quiz images? Create targeted quizzes about your products and integrate product images to each quiz. Images can then link to your website page or an ecommerce link.