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Splash Play is growing rapidly with a team of highly motivated Game Sponsors, businesses, charities, agents, product and restaurant partners across the country. SplashPlay’s management believes mobile is the future of on-line marketing and is committed to providing the most innovative, disruptive and unprecedented opportunity to target an audience accurately and affordably.

SplashPlay’s strategy is to bring together a unique group of partners each enjoying the most innovative features and benefits of the SplashPlay strategy.

SplashPlay Game Sponsors

Trivia Content Publishers (known as SplashPlay Game Sponsors) enjoy a unique and unprecedented opportunity to monetize their social efforts by creating an unlimited number of trivia games free of charge. In turn, SplashPlay monetizes their traffic by sharing SplashPlay advertising revenue.

Gamification Partners

SplashPlay is the perfect addition for any organization whether a business or charity that wishes to engage their constituency in a new and entertaining way.  For the first time, organizations can ensure their brand and messages are placed front-and-center in the lives of their customers and supporters.  In doing so, both brand and message are reinforced and offerings and promotions can be delivered in real-time while engaged in a new and entertaining manner.

Distributors and Beverage Manufactures

SplashPlay is the most unique and innovative strategy to empower beverage manufactures and distributors to reach their consumers – while they are engaged in enjoyment of their favorite beverages with their friends and families. More importantly, while they are making real-time purchase decisions.

Packaging Partners

SplashPlay is the perfect addition for any organization whose products are delivered in consumer packaging such as breakfast cereal, snacks, etc. For the first time, Package Integration Partners can ensure their brand and message leaps off the packaging and into the social mobile ecosystem. In doing so, one’s brand is reinforced and offerings and promotions can be delivered in real-time while engaged in enjoyment of one’s product.


SplashPlay helps Advertisers drive traffic from the mobile community, through a unique and innovative location based mobile advertising network. If you are an Advertiser and would like to target mobile users then contact SplashPlay today and learn more about our solution.


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