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Personal QR Code


SplashPlay provides you your own personalized SplashPlay Game QR Code Touch Point along with issuing you a unique game URL which can be attached to emails, websites and social media.

Brand Identity


Your brand is the first image your players see ensuring top-of-mind awareness.



Every answered question is followed by a detailed Results Page showing the points the player earned.

More importantly, at the bottom of the page is the SplashPlay Dynamic Deal Button where a Game Sponsor's daily deals and offers can be displayed.

Branded Buttons


As a SplashPlay Gamification Partner you may have up to four personalized game buttons.

Unlimited Games


Under each of your game buttons, you can create an unlimited number of games.

Questions Plus


Under each of your games, you can create an unlimited number of trivia questions that can be multiple choice, True/False or Yes/No.

The Offers


One click of the Dynamic Deal Button and the Game Sponsor's offer is displayed.  This page can include, links to websites, videos or even ecommerce sites.  Additionally, the Game Sponsor can include custom graphics or even digital coupons.



Every answered question, shared question or even shared deal rewards the player with valuable rewards points that can be exchanged for any Loyalty Rewards the Game Sponsor whishes to offer.

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